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Mind Nourishment for the Soul

Mind Nourishment for the Soul will impact your life thru weekly Transformational Insights to bring you understanding of: How you have become who you are; and, How to become who you want to be.
The cost to you is minimal, the gain to you is priceless.


  • Weekly Transformational Insights to provide you the understanding required for gaining your personal empowerment, peace, and happiness in your daily life.
  • Solutions for you to correct any of your current life challenges.
  • Opportunity to engage with a Professional Solution Coach for addressing any depression, anxiety, or low self esteem that you may be experiencing now.
  • There are no requirements for any activity beyond reviewing the weekly insights and using them to give you a clear view of your life patterns. We offer, we may offer additional comments to further explain a particular weekly insight.


A moment of inspiration providing a lifetime for a happier you.

Personal Empowerment

The realization and understanding that comes from knowing how you make decisions and what decisions you make. The journey begins with you.


The state of contentment and calm that comes from my power within.


The emotional state that results from finding my peace and personal empowerment.


We are here to provide you weekly Transformational Insights on your journey of understanding how you have become who you are and how to become who you want to be.

Upon enrollment, you will receive the first 2 weeks of Transformational Insights for free. After that you receive an additional 52 weeks for $39.99 per year (less than 77 cents per week.)


Click on Mind Nourishment and access our free App with either Apple or Google Play to maximize all the benefits of your enrollment.

Join Us

Your membership will provide you with a sense of belonging as you join so many others who are on this journey of self-discovery. When you join you will receive the first 2 weeks Free, then for just $39.99, you will receive an additional 52 weeks (1 year) of membership. Automatic annual renewals for the same enrollment price will occur unless you decline.


Every Sunday you will receive the “inspiration” for the week. In addition, you have the option to join our Professional Coaching for any issues that are especially challenging for you.

Prepare your “mind and soul” to receive the next Sunday weekly “insight”.